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Three Things To Know About Posting Bail Bonds At The Van Nuys Jail

Sometimes, the law is not as clear as it seems. Regardless, all residents and citizens have the right to know their rights. Nonetheless, everybody deserves to understand the system. That is why we have compiled three crucial facts that will provide the essential knowledge for you to feel comfortable in a Van Nuys Jail Bail Bonds service.

If you are curious about the bail process of the Van Nuys Jail, there are three commonly overlooked themes to consider. Bail amounts can range depending on the outcome of the case, yet many forget the few most important factors.

  1. The severity of the crime case that the individual partakes in controls the defendant’s bail amount. The defendant is the accused individual, such as attempted robbery, assault, murder, or other scenarios. Regardless, the cost to buy bail bonds will actually be 10% of the entire bail amount. For example, if bail was set for $50,000, then the individual should expect to pay $5,000. This payment is for hiring a Van Nuys Bail Bonds organization that specializes in bail bonds.
  2. The release process typically takes approximately an hour to one and a half hours. This is in order to clarify all paperwork before released, which in the LAPD Valley Division jail, it should take roughly around an hour since it is a smaller jail location. LAPD has various division jails throughout the City of Los Angeles — ranging from Downtown Los Angeles all the way down to the Valley. Depending on where the crime took place, the bail bond will be posted there.
  3. Bail Bonds can be posted 24/7, 365 days a year. This means, whether it is a weekend or holiday — it does not matter. Bail bonds remain posting times on all days with in mind of the severity of the crime, the amount changes. LAPD does not close at any time due to its agency services as a state and federally funded project.

To learn more information about the LAPD Valley – Van Nuys – Jail division, contact the Firm for a more concrete elaboration on all your questions and needs.

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