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Why You Should Know About Drone Regulations


Drones have caught public attention since Amazon’s announcement of unprecedented styles of shipment — using miniature flying technology. Oftentimes, these gadgets sound cool and nifty, until the law regulates the usage of these technologies. Those unaware of the laws on drones then become immediately affected.


Drone laws are governed and overseen by the FAA — Federal Aviation Administration. Similar to the European Union, drones are slowly catching a negative connotation in public spaces, such like parks, state beaches, and federal reservations. But what does it mean for urban areas, such like Los Angeles County?

Drone Laws & FAA

The concept of a “drone” in itself is a vague terminology that academia and lawmakers are working closely to determine at a factual level. Drones can range from large military aircrafts down to the miniature quadcopters sold for $50. Nonetheless, FAA expresses the common quadcopter identification as an “Unmanned Aircraft System,” (UAS). Regardless of user experience with the UAS, rules and safety apply to all users in the national airspace regulations. For beginners, all drones .55 and 55 lbs need to be registered with the FAA. This approximately costs around $5 and the registration lasts up to three years. Thence, the owner is provided a registration number notified with the drone’s unique information. This includes: engraving; permanent label; and permanent marker. In terms of where a UAS user may fly legally, drones are allowed on private property with granted permission by remote pilot and owner, or local parks. Some of the few exceptions where drones are not allowed are:


  • 400 ft. high in elevation from ground
  • Near airports and municipal airways.
  • Near controlled or manned aircraft.
  • Near stadiums and sporting events.
  • Near large crowds of people.


One of the greatest incidents in sports history is the historic drone incident between Serbia and Albania. A drone was strategically flown into a UEFA soccer match between the two rival post-Yugoslavia nations. A nationalistic message was airborne onto the field from outside the stadium, and the two emotional teams clashes in political ideas. Resulting in a huge scandal, fight, and political dispute. One drone simply caused havoc, and thusly gained negative reaction from the EU parliament.


Though the EU maintains different laws from the US, the American public should review it as a lesson to read up on FAA drone laws. Understanding local, national, and international drone laws deems worthy to learn.


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