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At times, life does not always unfold the way it is expected to. Sometimes, the events that happen to unfold in a person’s life may be disappointing. Bad things occur, and from time to time good people end up having the occasional interference with the law. These instances could possibly land them in a place which is less than favorable. However, every American still has the right to be treated with absolute fairness and complete due process whenever they find themselves in legal trouble. The works of the law can be very tricky, though, and very expensive. That’s why bail bondsman are a great thing to consider having as any American finds their way through life. Bail bondsman can be found all over The United States, including the state of the California, and they can also work in a defendant’s favor when the time comes that bail is posted and a defendant needs a chance to maintain their normal lifestyle before their court date.

What is a Bail Bond?

While some may have heard of bail bonds, their actual purpose and definitive way of operating may seem a bit convoluted. Legal terminology and explanations can get a bit confusing. No matter what, though, in order to speak of bail bonds, it’s first most important to understand exactly what they are, how they work, and in what specific ways they benefit a defendant’s legal proceedings.

How they Work

Bail bonds are a systematic operation of financial coverage over the legal standings of bail money at a time of arrest. Bail bonds are used as a sort of legal insurance that ensures a person in custody has the access to funds in order to be lawfully bailed out of jail by their hired bondsman. The bondsman will then appear and/or contact the jail in order to provide the bail that has been posted, on behalf of the defendant. Upon the bondsman’s payment, the defendant will then be able to be released from a jail’s custody in a timely manner, so that they may conveniently go about their daily lives until they are set to make their appearance at the scheduled date of trial decided upon by the court.


The true purpose of a bail bond is to provide the defendant with the money they may not have at the particular moment in order to bail themselves out of jail so that they can discreetly return to work and their lives until their court date as mandated by the judge or magistrate. A bail bondsman makes it their goal to gain clients which happen to be trustworthy enough to show up to trial. However, a bail bond is still in effect even if the defendant fails to appear in court. Bail bonds’ overall goal is to provide a defendant with the value required in order for them to be released from jail during the period of time between arrest and court.

Features of Bail Bonds

Each bail bond company varies in its specific features, but just about all bail bond firms offer the same basic services and practice the same procedures. From payments to managing certain charges, every bail bond company fits a basic criteria in operation. This is, of course, to maintain a realistic and consistent mass of information and practice that potential clients can expect of their services.

Fees and Payments

Considering bail bonds are within the business of legal and justice money operations, they do not come without their own charge. Fees and a taken percentage are a common trait of bail bond companies. The average rate of interest taken from a bail bondsman is most often between ten and fifteen percent. That is to say, a bail bond firm paying a bail of $30,000 with a rate of 10% would receive the bail amount in addition to another $3,000. All this money is due promptly back to the defendant, but is not charged outright. Rather, the balance is paid off in increments, at a rate decided upon by the defendant and bondsman until the bail value plus the bail bond percentage is paid off.

Guaranteed Bail

Though bail bond fees can seem pricey beforehand, at the time of legal distress a bondsman can be something that brings a sense of utmost security. Bail bonds guarantee that the defendant is released from jail. No matter what the charge, circumstance, or price of bail, a bail bondsman can be found to represent just about any defendant. Being bailed out can secure a job, a relationship, it allows life to go on, and so though a defendant may be paying a percentage of a charge, in the end, bondsmen promise a paid bail, and so a normal life while awaiting trial.

Bail Bonds in California

Criminal activity in California may vary, but the state still has its fair share of bail bond companies throughout the area. Though each bail bond company varies and certain chains may run through different parts of the state, bail bond companies do, in fact, operate in California. There is no locational discrimination in the availability either. The Firm Bail Bonds is just one of the firms which operate in California and throughout Burbank.

The Firm Bail Bonds

The Firm Bail Bonds is a bail bonds firm operating in California. The Firm is a company that is arguably, the best bail bonds service in California. The Firm works to professionally, and swiftly bail out any defendant that happen to be signed with their services. They do not discriminate in who they represent, nor do they judge or stray from a case due to a certain severity. Though they have a list of charges they only, exclusively handle on their website, they are a flexible company and will try to do their best at caring for a defendant in need of their services instead of shying away from any amount of money due


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The Firm Bail Bonds Services

The Firm Bail Bonds services vary in terms of payment, service, and contact. They are non-judgemental and understand that each case is different. The Firm is not averse to making house calls. If a client is not in the place of self-transportation a bondsman may be able to make a house call to speak in person about bail bond options. Specializing in domestic violence, DUI with injury, criminal threats, and child endangerment, The Firm works at a fast pace in all listed areas to bail out their clients, usually approving of bail bonds within an hour. Payments to The Firm Bail Bonds can be made out by mail, and will soon be available for online transactions. More information and contact info can also be found on the company’s website.

Burbank Bail Bonds

The Firm Bail Bonds work with Burbank Jail and many other locations throughout California. This is but one of the many locations that The Firm Bail Bonds works to provide safe, reliable bail bond services to clients throughout the area of Los Angeles. Being in any jail can be an unsettling experience, and the Burbank Jail is just another established facility that The Firm Bail Bonds is able to work with to provide bail bonds to clients with cases similar to those that they specialize in.



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